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From Clients...

Equinox randomly paired me up with Kiley and from the very moment I met her, I was in love! She is by far one of the most energetic, motivating and inspirational people I have ever met. She completely whipped me into shape in 4 short months for my wedding. - Jeannine Santarelli

From the minute we met, Kiley was warm, funny and ridiculously ecouraging. She listened to what I wanted from my body, and from our experience together, and tailored the program exactly to my needs. - Caroline Handel

When I met Kiley, I was in one of her Sculpting classess... it was so challenging I knew I had to get this girl as my trainer. Why Kiley? She not only brings to the table her expert knowledge... but she is ab le to consult with you and pull out not only what your personal goals should be, but she knows you also need to work on to make it happen. - Tony Amato
I first met Kiley years ago - I wanted to make sure that whoever my trainer may be would be knowledgeable about Type 1 Diabetes... enter the amazing Kiley. From the first session, she got me, understood my needs and how to help me achieve them. Our sessions quickly turned into something I looked forward to, something I never thought possible - working out and I did not get along. Kiley is real, she never bullshitted me about anything. Thanks to Kiley, my diabetic A1C test was a 7.0. The lowest I've seen since high school! - Susan Spickard

I have known/worked with Kiley since 2003 and she is an absolutely wonderful person! She brings so much positive energy to the table that people cannot help but want to be around her. She genuinely cares about all her clients and helping them meet their goals. That is not something you will find with every PT. - Lea Crook

I started working with Kiley over a year ago. I was out of shape, tired, and lacked motivation. Cut to: She has done wonders for me and my health. I've lost weight, gained strength, and improved my blood tests. I'm happy. My doc is happy. Wife is happy. Kiley is an absolutely wonderful person and fitness pro. And where did she come from... Michigan. Do yourself a favor and see her. - Carl Kaplan

Kiley is a force of energy, such that I've never seen in any other one person. She is not just motivational, she has incredible empathy and compassion. I am successful, intelligent, professional woman, but I am incredibly insecure about my body. Kiley was not just able to reshape my body, but she helped me to reset my mind. She helped me to feel like I'm worth the extra effort. I can't even count the amount of times she offered to eat with or get in the cardio with me, just to get me to do it too. Every time she trained me, she was 100% there in energy, spirit, and mind. - Sonal Naik

Kiley changed my life and the way I look at fintess and health. She inspired me and encouraged me in ways I never thought were possible and she had me looking forward to our sessions together. The warmth, care, spirit and encouragement with which she trains, is rare and something I am certain can never be replaced. - Pam Bittner

Kiley is fantastic! She whipped me into shape after having my son! She was motivational and enthusiastic - two things that any new mom needs desperately. I can't recommend her highly enough. She needs to be a must on your NYC "get fit" list. - Betsy Nelson

A very special letter from Erica Bethe Levin | Co Founder: www.cheekychicago.com

To Whom it May Concern:

I am writing on behalf of Ms. Kiley Schoenfelder. I would never compose a referral letter for anyone that I could not wholeheartedly support - both as a professional and as a person. It just so happens that Kiley is one of the most competent professionals and moral people that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

I was lucky enough to meet Kiley while working at the Lincoln Park Athletic Club in Chicago- she left the facility in the spring to pursue her own personal training/group fitness career. While working together, I was able to watch Kiley teach, invigorate, enliven and inspire the members of our Club. Her following was more than any other instructor or trainer - I know for a fact that these people were drawn to Kiley because of the intrinsic joy she receives from helping them grow and become happier and healthier people. I was able to witness Kiley's altruism first hand when she stayed at the Club until 11 p.m. (when she should have left at 5) just because one of her clients needed a friend, or another one felt frustrated at a plateau they had reached, or one of her fellow coworkers was in a bind.

One of the most beautiful, albeit sad, departures that I've ever seen was when Kiley left the Lincoln Park Athletic Club. It might sound strange to describe a departure as beautiful, but if you could have witnessed the outpouring of emotions from the hundreds of people, specifically women, that were touched by Kiley's presence, you would find it undeniably moving. The letters, presents, gifts, public online postings, tears and smiles were unrivaled by anything I've ever seen. And, to be honest, there were quite a few people who left the Club because they no longer found it inspiring, what with the absence of Kiley and her teachings.

I fully, wholeheartedly and passionately recommend Kiley Schoenfelder to you as a private trainer. You will never find a more passionate, dedicated, competent, committed, pure, selfless, beautiful person, inside and out.

Please feel free to contact me with any further questions - I would be more than happy to elaborate.

Erica Bethe Levin
Co Founder